Generic OBDH Communication Model

Below you will find a project idea that can serve as a starting point if you want to get involved in ThirdEye development. Until we have set up a dedicated issue tracker for ThirdEye development we will used the Blog here to list future development ideas. Of course if you have another idea on how to contribute to ThirdEye please let us know through the Contact page or by a GitLab pull request.

In this blogpost we want to describe the idea to develop a generic OBDH model that can be connected to an on-board computer emulator. Currently there is an OBDH model that connects via TCP/IP to a QEMU emulator instance and there is emulated as a UART interface. Focus of the development should be to implement the model in a way that can implement generic OBDH protocols. In this way the model then can later be configured in a way to represent different hardware interfaces and be connected to other simulator models in order to interact with the rest of the simulation.

Level: Advanced

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