ThirdEye is providing an space extension. This is a library of space related models that can be used to implement space mission simulations. The implemented models are of varying maturity and are under active development. The most important and mature models are:

  • Gravity model

  • Point-mass model

  • Multiple coordinate system transformation providers

    • Earth-centered-inertial (ECI) to Earth-centered earth-fixed (ECEF)

    • Earth-centered earth-fixed (ECEF) to Longitude/Latitude/Altitude (LotLanAlt)

    • Earth-centered-inertial (ECI) to Space-craft local

  • Fixed-Attitude model

  • Solar power model

  • RF models

The space extension has been used to implement various different simulations such as spacecraft power generation simulation, RF down link budget calculation and others.

Furthermore the space extension comes with custom GUI components such as a spacecraft ground track view and the 3D visualization provided by NASA WorldWind. For examples see the documentation screenshot page. Below you will find a class diagram of the space extension.