ThirdEye has been selected for the ESA Summer of Code in Space program!

We are very happy to announce that ThirdEye has successfully applied to the ESA SOCIS program with the project idea of developing generic and reusable simulation models for CubeSat components.The ESA SOCIS program is a program inspired by the "Google Summer of Code" (GSOC). ESA is sponsoring students to contribute to open-source software projects. The stipend for successful students is 4000 Euro! Please read the following blog article for detailed information on the proposed project: Project Idea 1. If you are a university student, are over 18 years old, have an interest in system/simulation and/or CubeSat development, we invite you to get into contact with us in order to discuss the project and explain it in greater detail to you. The application period for students starts April 11th and ends May 4th. Please also have a look at the official ESA SOCIS homepage here:

If you are a University or College Professor please also get in touch with us, as we can give you detailed information on how you can help you students to apply. We are especially looking for students that are:

  • Self motivated
  • Have an aerospace background
  • Alternatively a background in physics/engineering is acceptable too
  • Have experience in Java programming
  • We especially like to encourage female students as we believe in equal opportunity

The successful candidate will work on implementing the CubeSat models and will be mentored by experienced system-simulation and space engineers. The team has great experience in mentoring and teaching as we have already been mentors in former iterations of SOCIS and GSoC as well. The mentoring team is made up of:

  1. Claas Ziemke (Founder of ThirdEye)
  2. Daniel Stefl (Founder of Space Systems Czech)
  3. Kai Leidig (PhD student at Institute for Space Sysyems - Univ. Stuttgart)

We are looking forward to get in touch with you!

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